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About Us

Experience and knowledge in the field is what makes us different from other companies.  Our quality workmanship and outstanding service make our company the right choice for all your insulation and fireproofing needs. 

Kernel Industrial is your key to safety.


Our Story

Kernel Industrial Services has put together some of the best techs in the field to provide exceptional quality work in every service we provide.  Home grown in Houston Texas, we have traveled throughout the United States providing high quality project work.

  • 30 years of experience (Insulation/Scaffold/Paint/Fireproofing)

  • 175,000+ Safe Manhours

  • Over 100 qualified and specialized craftsmen

  • NCCER & TWIC certified

  • Company owned equipment and scaffold material

Our Background

kernel Team1.jpg

Let's Talk Safety

Safety, along with the well being of each and every employee is the number one priority of the company, most importantly we have implemented a very rigorous safety program to protect your number one asset, your employees.

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